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Domestic Electrical Services

Electrical Services provides a full range of domestic electrical services to households across the Wairarapa. No residential electrical job is too big or too small.

Our experienced electricians at Electrical Services can help you with any and all of your residential electrical needs. Our electrical services include a number of new home electrical services, from designing custom electrical requirements throughout your house to installing any of your electrical wiring and large appliances.

Domestic electrical problems can come in many shapes and sizes including faulty outlets, malfunctioning circuit breakers, flickering lights or problems with appliances. Having a preventative maintenance schedule for your home or business electrics will help you to reduce any expensive repair costs down the line.

All of the services that we provide such as electrical planning design, installation, preventative maintenance and repairs, are performed by our team of registered and experienced residential electricians working out of fully stocked vans servicing Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Featherston, Martinborough and the rest of the greater Wairarapa region.

So whether you need new lighting for your house, security for your property, wiring in that house you are building or just an new power point put in the wall, get in touch with us today.

Testing and tagging electrical appliances is a useful way of checking electrical equipment and appliances are safe to use. We use the latest technology for quickly and easily checking your electrical equipment right there at your home.

Electricity is dangerous and accidents can often be fatal so it important to have your appliances and electrical goods checked regularly to ensure their safety.

No matter what you need installing, if it needs electricity, then we can get it connected for you.

Need your new heat pump installed? We can help with that too.

Hot water cylinder repairs including replacement of elements and thermostats as well as installations of new cylinders.

We provide a full range of oven repairs including element replacements, thermostat replacements and connections of new stoves.

If you are building a new home or making some alterations, we can help you with wiring design, installation and maintenance to ensure your home is properly and professionally wired and you have plugs and switches exactly where you want and need them.

Full rewiring services including replacement of wiring and old switchboards. If you have a house which is over 50 years old, then chances are you have some old metal conduit wiring with rubber or cloth wrapped copper conductors inside or PVC. These types of cables deteriorate over time and can easily become a fire hazard. Call us for an inspection of your current wiring and we will let you know what needs to be done to keep your house safe.

Your residential lighting is one of the major elements that can impact the mood and feeling or your home. Lighting which is too bright or the wrong colour can be overwhelming whilst lighting which is too dim can make it impossible to read or do other simple tasks. Whether it is recessed downlights, wall lights, pendants or surface mounted fittings, our team has you covered for all your general purpose lighting needs. 

Installing LED and smart lighting in your home is now very common. The replacement of existing halogen or incandescent fittings with LEDs will result in a marked reduction in your power bills.

When renovating your home you need to take into account both safety and efficiency with your electrical system. Electrical Services are your local home renovation electrical specialists and can help you every step of the way, from underground cabling to fibre internet wiring.

We can install new power points or upgrade the old outlets in your home to look modern and new.

Upgrading your communications wiring and hardware can result in better reception with less interference and clearer conversations with your loved ones.

We can set you up with communication lines that will future-proof your home and allow you to integrate, connect, route and modernize telephone, TV, Internet and all future data lines.

If you are building a new home or making some alterations, we can help you with wiring design, installation and maintenance to ensure your home is properly and professionally wired and you have plugs and switches exactly where you want and need them.

Keep your home safe and your family secure with professionally installed and configured exterior security lighting.

Making changes to your current electrical configuration? Let us help you with the planning and execution.

Electrical Services carries out prompt and efficient repairs to your home and the appliances in it including oven repairs, stove repairs, hot water cylinder repairs, switchboard repairs and upgrades.

To keep things running well in your home you need to do regular maintenance and attend to repairs promptly to avoid possible hazards. Our Master electricians are highly trained and supported with on-going updates to help them maintain industry standards.

For best results it is recommended that anything with a network connection port on it should have a data cable run to it from your router. This will improve your internet speed on these devices and free up the WIFI network for wireless devices. 

There can be a number of reasons why power points, switches and light fittings are not working. It could be a blown fuse or it could be something more serious. Call us today as it could be an issue which requires urgent repair.

We use specialised cable location equipment to locate energised cable or even non live items such as pipes or where a wire runs through a wall.

Installation of home security systems including sensors, smoke detectors and other alarms

Make your life easier and automate your property with automatic gate and door sensors

Other Services


We provide a complete range of commercial electrical services to retail shops, motors, and other commercial businesses. Get peace of mind with solutions tailored to meet individual business needs, budgets and time-frames.


Our electricians provide professional industrial electrical services to factories, warehouses, rural installations, and heavy industrial businesses. if you need an electrician, then call us today.


Heat pumps are an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat/cool your home or business.  Our staff can advise you on the best unit for your specific requirements.  We are authorized agents for both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.